SheepMetchosin Muse

The Muse is published every month during the year except August. The deadline is the 15th of the month preceding the publication month.

Submissions, Advertising, and Deadlines

All articles and advertisements are due by the 15th of each month, except when noted in the paper. Please send copy as an email attachment using Microsoft Word, text or RTF to: Do not send PDFs. 

Photos should be high resolution and be in jpg or tif format only. Typewritten or handwritten copy may be acceptable if you have no computer access; please call Linda at 250-590-0168 for arrangements. 

All submissions may be edited for length, style and suitability of content and language. Submissions are accepted on this understanding.  Submissions should be sent to the editor:

Before preparing your article, please review the Muse style guide.

Please send copy as an email attachment using Microsoft Word, text or RTF to Typewritten or handwritten copy is acceptable if you have no access to a computer. Do not send PDF as it does not convert properly.

If you wish to place an ad in the Muse, please contact the appropriate person below:

Display Advertising:
Please contact Jennifer Burgis,; see our ad rate sheet for more information.

Obituaries: Rates for Obituaries.

Celebrations and Announcements:
We have a variety of sizes at reasonable rates to share your celebrations, announcements and tidings. Announcement Rate Sheet.

Classified Advertising:
Linda Spiller, 250-590-0168, $15 per 25 words per issue. Payment in advance preferably by e-transfer. We have envelopes for submissions and payments are provided at Metchosin Country Store.

The deadline for ads and submissions is the 15th of the month preceding unless noted in the paper. The Metchosin Muse is published at the beginning of every month except August.